Earn While You Learn

Let us help you raise a happy, healthy baby.

The Nurturing Center offers mothers and fathers an opportunity to be equipped to be the best parents to their babies.

With the Bright Course, Earn While You Learn program, you as a parent, have the opportunity to educate yourself to become a great parent. Everyone can earn and redeem points for those essential infant items we all need to take care of our little ones.

We now offer parenting classes 3 different ways

    • Walk in to our office to take a class
    • Send a class to you by text message
    • Send a class to you by email

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I accumulate the points to redeem for baby items?

Every time you complete a class, you earn points. Come into the office and earn 100 points. If you take a class via text or email, you can earn 75 points for watching the video and 25 points for the homework portion.

How long are the classes?

Each class varies but you should schedule 40 – 50 minutes for total class time.

How do you know I completed a class?

Coming into the office to do parenting classes is the first choice and we will record your class attendance. IF you take a class via text or email, the program records the time you have watched the video and informs us how much time you spent on the class. It tracks your work online and we get a report.

How do I get the homework points if I do online classes?

In order to earn the point for the homework you must either text or email your answers back to our office. Text to 806-317-4480 or email at info@nurturinglife.org.

Who records the points?

The office will keep track of the classes you completed. We encourage you to keep track of your points as well.

How can I redeem my points?

You are welcome to come in the office and shop in our Baby Boutique or call us and let us know how you want to redeem your points. Most moms who call want diapers and wipes, so, after the phone call just walk into the office and pick up the requested baby items. You are in and out of the office within 5 minutes. For example, one class will get you a package of diapers.