Theology of the Body

Love and Life go together.

When we discover true love, we can truly live life freely.

Theology of the Body proposes a fresh view of God’s love that leads to deep awareness of human dignity, identity, and purpose. This vision produces wonder, peace, joy, and a sense of reverence for oneself and others. Theology of the Body instills confidence in one’s ability to live life as a gift to the world.

Theology of the Body for Teens answers questions you may have about sexual morality, about your own body, and how you were uniquely created for greatness. This program uses a dynamic mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, music and prayers for teens, ages 13-18. Click the link below to view full sized brochure.


The Nurturing Center is dedicated in working with youth in our community. We offer retreats that teach the dignity and worth of every human being regardless of age. We have served over 4,000 youth in our community in teaching THE THEOLOGY OF THE BODY FOR TEENS SINCE 2009. We believe our teen years are the most difficult and we can nurture and direct our youth to being responsible adults. Let us come out and speak to your teens about how “uniquely they are created in God’s Image and Likeness.” Contact us and let us know you are interested in our team to come out to your church or organization.

Here are a few topics we cover:

The true meaning of life.

The difference between love and lust.

Your worthiness and purpose in Life!

Your sexuality is a gift.

Your BODY MATTERS, your choices matter.

Most importantly, you make God’s Love visible through your body.

We can schedule a Quinceañera Retreats for parishes too.

Call us to get more information or to set up a retreat for your teens and/or adults.