Pregnancy FAQ

Who can I turn to?

Right now, perhaps more than ever before, you need someone you can trust, someone whose advice you can count on. You need a friend who is always there, and the assurance that no matter what you say, it will go no further.

Someone once said that a stranger was a friend you hadn’t met yet. That’s what the Nurturing Center is – a group of friends you have not needed until now. The support they offer might come from one of our caring volunteers members who chooses to say, “Yes, I’m going to open my home to a woman who this day does not have a place to lay her head.” Or a compassionate doctor who has a full schedule may say, “It would be my honor to serve in this particular way.” A professional counselor may offer her services and say, “I want to spend that hour after my day is done, talking to someone who has no one.” An employer may offer a job and say, “I’m looking for someone I can do more for than write a paycheck.”

Our Client Services Staff have the information and experience to offer you guidance with compassion and a plan of action that will empower you in ways that you can only imagine while in the midst of crisis.

I don't want to disappoint my family, but I have to do what I believe is right.

It is hard to have courage and conviction when your self-confidence has been shaken; now more than ever, you need someone to understand you, respect your decisions and help you accomplish your plans. No one can do this better than a family that stands by you. Our Mentors are prepared to work with you to encourage understanding and strengthen relationships within your family. When this is not possible, we would like to be there for you – to listen without judging and advise with your best interests at heart.

How can I continue going to school?

The Nurturing Center can provide ways for you to manage your education plan. A healthy pregnancy does not have to limit educational achievements or lower academic goals in any way. Nurturing Center is committed to giving you the support you may need at this time to maintain the quality of your education. Whether this means working out a more convenient curriculum with your school administrators or helping to arrange a temporary transfer, we are ready to assist you.

How can I continue my job and career plans?

Usually pregnancy does not mean that a woman must abandon her career path or occupational goals. If your employer is supportive and the benefits of remaining in your current position are convincing, we encourage you to do so. However, the need for confidentiality and special understanding at this time often suggests that a temporary leave of absence might be helpful.

How do I know who the best doctor is for me?

The Nurturing Center has established relationships with various qualified and caring doctors. We can offer guidance when you are deciding on a doctor who will best meet your needs.

What can I do to make sure my child is healthy?

To start with, make sure that you are healthy. Take time to eat well, get plenty of rest and enjoy reasonable exercise. You will also need to regularly visit a good doctor who can anticipate and treat your medical needs. We will help you find competent and compassionate medical care to protect your health and if needed your baby’s.

How will I be able to pay for everything?

We are dedicated to making this choice possible because we believe that the financial cost of supporting you and your baby is small when compared to the emotional price of you not having this choice. Although our financial resources are limited, many generous friends of ours have made it possible for us to reduce financial worries for many of our Clients. We will work with you to explore the available financial programs to meet your needs. We will also assist you in locating any funding for which you may now be eligible.

I want to raise my child and need to change a few things before the baby arrives. Can you help me?

This new phase in your life requires change. We can introduce you to parenting classes that help prepare you for this new phase. You will also be offered workshops in parenting and child care which offer helpful information on the responsibilities of raising a child. Also, we can offer guidance as you plan ahead for things ranging from housing to day care.

I don't even know where to start with buying baby items.

As mentioned before, The Nurturing Center has an established network of private contributors that make our services possible. Their many contributions include baby items that are readily available at no cost to you.

What about adoption? It's an alternative I know so little about.

Our main goal is to do what is best for you and your child. We can offer information to help you look at the different options available through adoption. We will gladly get you connected to agencies that can help you.

What if I already had an abortion?

There is healing through retreats- Rachel’s Vineyard and Surrendering The Secret. Our staff would love to provide you with information on this. Visit the Website for Rachel’s Vineyard Here.

What's the next step?

There are both immediate and long term answers for you to consider. We hope that you will turn to us now and in the months ahead as you look for comfort and guidance.

There is one more gift The Nurturing Center offers. You can’t buy it, look it up in a book, or walk up to a counter and ask for it. Sadly it is often left out when you most need it. We’re speaking of human kindness, that precious quality for which there is no substitute. A smile, a trusted friend with whom you can talk and the knowledge that “You are not Alone.”